Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

NEW: ANTM Cycle 16 Finale Preview Pics


 This is probably the best Final 2 between Brittani and Molly in ANTM history
 After Hannah my favorite model was eliminated this week, Final 2 next week is gonna be unpredictable. "Who is the winner? Who's gonna get contract with CG, IMG Model, and poses in VOGUE Italy? And who's the america's next top model?", with Tyra style. But, personally i more prefer Molly to be the winner. I like U bitch, you're look like Milan Model and deserves to get all! Stunning Photos, Professional, Fresh face, and your personality (No Fake and No Drama like another girls).

 Molly looks breathtaking. That hair is gorgeous. Probably one of the best CG pics ever. But Brittani looks fresh with red lipstick with unusual pose. For me its to much for CG ad but really high fashion for VOGUE spread. Unpredictable Cycle!
The both of them wears dress from top brand designer, Vivienne Westwood for the final runway challenge. Loving the big hair on both of them. I think Brittani looks fiercer in her outfit. But the bad news, Brittany fell slipped on the floor. MEMALUKAN!!! hahah Point plus for Molly.

Surprising, because this cycle have two makeover.  Hair style of them is really extreme with short hair, but still stunning i think.
As per every final judging, Jay Manuel joins Nigel, Andre and Tyra to pick the winner. I’d be happy either way. Overall a pretty good season. Great models with potential. A little low on the drama side (except for Brittani’s epic meltdown), but entertaining nonetheless. Can't wait to see finale episode this cycle next week..... Molly or Brittani??

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