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Covet Magazine Issue: Anja Konstantinova


This is Anja Konstantinova, one of Australia's latest modelling exports. Anja stands at 5''4.5, which many in the fashion industry think is too short to even consider high fashion modelling. Anja did an interview with covet magazine, here are some highlights from the interview.

How are you finding modeling Internationally?
I'm just starting to experience the international modelling industry, but so far i'm having heaps of fun and i'm sure it won't stop. it's amazing meeting people all over the world, making friends and connections, seeing places you never thought you'd see. I cannot wait to experience more of that.

Is runway modeling something you enjoy, and feel confident continuing?
To be honest i'm not the biggest fan of the runway. I recently did RAFW and even though it was a great experience, its really not my cup of tea.

Are you excited about the direction of your modeling career? 
Do you have something else in mind as a back up?
I live day by day. So at the moment I'm really enjoying the modeling wave. I would love to go back to university and study business of PR, and maybe in the future I can open my own  agency.

What is the most recent shoot you did?
I've recently shot for Australian Vogue and GQ with Nicole Bentley which should be coming out soon.

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