Believe it or not, Adele’s Vogue magazine cover is even hotter than her already scorching career. The British songbird not only smolders on the cover but in the pictures of the issue as well. Photographer Sølve Sundsbø captured everything that is beautiful about the singer.

Inside the issue, the award-winning singer is very candid when interviewed by Christa D’Souza. She discusses her career, style and the pressures of being thin. Adele has been unabashedly honest in the past which has gotten her in trouble. Personally, I love it as it provides for a very entertaining read. Check out snippets of the piece below.
On her pre-show ritual: “I puke quite a lot before going on stage. Though never actually on stage. But then, I s— myself before everything … the bigger the freak-out, the more I enjoy the show!”
On the entertainment industry’s obsession with weight: “I’ve seen people where it rules their lives, who want to be thinner or have bigger boobs, and how it wears them down. And I don’t want that in my life. I have insecurities, of course, but I don’t hang out with anyone who points them out to me.”
On being single: “I do get massively distracted when I’ve got someone in my life, which I can’t afford to do right now. Besides, no one treats me as well as I do.”
On preferring sons over daughters: “I’ve always got on better with boys. Most of my friends are boys. Like, if I ever have children, I want five boys. Boys love their mothers whereas girls can be so mean to each other.”
Adele’s career certainly doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. She revealed on “The Jonathan Ross Show” recently that she’s heading to the studio in November to record “a theme for a movie“. Though she never fully confirmed it, all signs seem to point to the new James Bond movie. Personally, I hope it is. The best 007 theme songs have come from Brits like Shirley Bassey.