Sabtu, 19 November 2011

KENDALL JENNER's Debut Catwalk!

Kim Kardashian's younger siblings kept busy during Fashion Week, with debut Kendall walking the runway at the Sherri Hill show. Kim also give a support to her and sit in the front raw this show, what a beautiful sisterhood!! i love both of u girlss!!

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  1. I was impressed the way Kendall Jenner walked the ramp first time.The gal has proved to the fashion world she has the guts and potential to be one of the best American models.

  2. Kendall Janner has really impressed the fashion world by her debut catwalk.It was nice to see that superstar like Kim Kardashian was also present to witness and encourage the young model.I am quite sure that she will give other models a good run for money.


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