Rabu, 26 September 2012

Alhamdulillah, sidang skripsi berjalan LANCAR!

"Life is all about living and learning", ketika menganggap sidang sebagai suatu momok yang menakutkan dan sempat dibuat stress olehnya, eh malah diluar dugaan dan diluar ekspektasi yang sempat terpaksa turun level agar tidak kecewa tentunya. But it wasn't happened! I get A score and feeling HAPPINESS for a small thing. Oh God i cant stop said grateful for everything happens in my life. U learn me, how to hardwork, believe in yourself, prepare for the worst "Ugly Truth" and be "IKHLAS"to loose something in your life. And at the and, Never say GIVE UP!  

And now, it's big start for me to face my FUTURE and catch my dreams with passionate! NEVER LOOSE HOPE and keep it spirit to get it at all! Finally, Wohoo after 4 years and long journey in my life i get my S.Ikom.

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